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GW classes canceled; administrative and academic offices closed on March 21

04:27am, Wednesday, March 21, 2018

GW classes are canceled, administrative and academic offices are closed, and activities and events will not take place on Wednesday, March 21 at all of our Washington metropolitan area campuses and locations because of inclement weather.

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NSF DR K-12 PI Meeting 2012

NSF DR K-12 PI Meeting 2012
DRK-12 Poster
January 03, 2012

We recently presented our work at the NSF DR K-12 PI Meeting 2012. Information on the presentation and poster details can be found at the DR K-12 site.


The aim of this project is to examine opportunity structures provided to students by inclusive STEM-focused high schools, with an emphasis on studying schools that serve students from underrepresented groups. In contrast to highly selective STEM-focused schools that target students who are already identified as gifted and talented in STEM, inclusive STEM-focused high schools aim to develop new sources of STEM talent, particularly among underrepresented minority students, to improve workforce development and prepare STEM professionals. A new NRC report, Successful K-12 STEM Education (2011), identifies areas in which research on STEM-focused schools is most needed. The NRC report points out the importance of providing opportunities for groups that are underrepresented in the sciences, especially Blacks, Hispanics, and low-income students who disproportionately fall out of the high-achieving group in K-12 education. This project responds specifically to the call for research in the NRC report and provides systematic data to define and clarify the nature of such schools.